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Insurance is peace of mind – preparing for the unexpected, minimizing risks, and protecting your farm’s revenues. Nowhere is this more evident than in hail protection insurance – a single weather event can decimate a crop at any stage.
Hail Insurance Policies
No one can predict a hailstorm, which is why ARM Services offers two types of hail protection to provide our customers the best possible hail insurance for their situation.

Hail Protection Plan (HPP)

ARM Services Hail Protection Plan (HPP) is a policy that works in conjunction with our regular crop insurance policies to protect farmers in the event of hail. Because it fills the gap by covering the portions of the crop not already covered by a standard crop insurance policy, HPP gives farmers a comprehensive policy while eliminating double coverage.

ARM Services’ Hail Protection Plan augments protections already provided by a farm’s crop insurance plan (based on yield protection calculations or average production history information), providing complete coverage in the event of hail damage.


Basic Hail

A basic hail policy from ARM Services provides crop farmers with a standard level of protection for the dollar amount value of their crop. The amount of coverage varies based on a producer’s choice of deductible and number of acres covered. Partial coverage or partial self-insurance is possible with basic hail coverage.