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Dairy product and livestock policies through ARM Services provide your dairy operation powerful tools for managing risk, protecting margins, and ensuring the future viability of your farm in a volatile market.
Coverage options vary greatly by type of policy, and because they can see frequent modifications based upon governmental policy changes, we encourage you to contact us to set up a time to talk about what dairy/livestock program option is the best strategic choice for your farm.

Livestock Gross Margin (LGM) Dairy Insurance

LGM Dairy policies offer the flexibility of variable deductibles while providing sound financial protections for your milk production. LGM Dairy insurance is a milk market product designed to cover revenues for produced milk only – it does not cover milk production loss or reductions in herds.

Livestock Gross Margin dairy policies are highly flexible and customizable, which is why ARM Services recommends a one-on-one consultation with one of our expert agents before selecting the appropriate plan for your operation. Producers can opt for variable deductibles, variable coverage timelines, and multiple yearly buy-in times. While these options provide a number of “right fit” possibilities for farms of all sizes, they also require forethought, strategy and solid information to help producers maximize results while working within the program’s rules and policy framework.

Our ARM Services staff are expert partners in setting up your LGM Dairy policy.  See what others have said about our services or contact us today to set up your appointment.


Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) Insurance

Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) Insurance through ARM Services gives producers an insurance tool for managing risks associated with both market price declines or yield/production declines.

Dairy RP insurance policies function quarterly and are based on area-based revenues tied to the state or pooled production region where the producer is located. Producers can opt for pricing based upon their milk production class or their component production (butterfat, protein and other solids).

ARM Services agents work with our customers to navigate the Dairy RP options before selecting the policy and coverage timeframe that are best for their business.


Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) Insurance

Dairy Margin Coverage Program insurance with ARM Services is a way for dairy producers to ensure they maintain a stable margin for their products. It allows them to insure the difference between the current market price (their produce revenues), and their feed and input costs.

This type of coverage is like the previous Margin Protection Plan (MPP) Coverage offered, but it improves upon MPP with more affordable premiums and additional coverage tiers.

The DMC option also offers some retroactive options for farmers who utilized MPP policies in prior years. Our ARM Services agents are well versed on the latest coverage options and can help get you the best dairy insurance policy for your farm and situation.


Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) Insurance

Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) insurance protects feeder cattle against declines in market pricing. Policies range from 70-100% of the expected value and are capped at 2000 head per producer per year.

Coverage values are determined by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group’s Feeder Cattle Index. Producers can opt for various coverage lengths, starting at 13 weeks and continuing up to a full year.

Coverage and premiums are broken down by five cattle types (calves, steers, heifers, predominantly Brahman cattle or predominantly dairy cattle), and two weight ranges – under 600 pounds and 600-900 pounds.

Availability of LRP insurance varies by state, so please call an ARM Services agent to determine eligibility of your operation and select the type of coverage best suited for your needs.